Assets Master

Creating Fixed Asset Master information with ID Generation, Accounting details & opening Balance etc.


Assets Blocks

Grouping Fixed Assets records under multiple Blocks.


Assets Locations

Locations to Track Fixed Assets place.


Depriciation Methods

User can define multiple depreciation methods based on requirement.


Purchase Entry

Capturing Asset Purchase details, Useful life and Assets Salvage Value & document etc.



Allocate Fixed Assets to Employees of organization and maintain register for all custodians of Assets.


WIP & Cost Management

Account Additional Expenses incurred during the Fixed Assets purchase and Installation using Work in Progress (WIP) Concept and Get Total Asset Value.


Components of Assets

Convert single Fixed Asset as Sub Assets nothing but a Component, which are having multiple Useful lifes and different Depreciation Rates.


Cost Centre wise Depreciation

Track Depreciation of Assets using expenses/income account.


Disposal of Assets

Automatic Calculation of profit/ loss on disposal of Assets. (Assets wise / Component wise).


Transfer of Assets

Capturing the relocation history of the Assets for Location, Cost Center, Custodian etc.


Impairment of Assets

This method will be used to bring Assets Value to Market Value, that means before disposal/Sale keeping the Assets Nett Value as recoverable amount.


Sale Of Assets

Record Sales of Fixed Assets with Buyer Details and Nett Profit/Loss of that Asset.


Auto Depreciation Scheduling

Automates the whole process without any human intervention.


Put to use Date for Assets

Assign Actual Start Date for Fixed Assets to Calculate Depreciation of Assets using that put Use Date..


Fixed Assets Register

Fixed Assets Register in Tally will help you to know complete information about Assets from Category, Purchase, custodian, Useful life of asset, Depreciation, holding department and Sales information using single report.


Price Details

Note : Set up, Training and installation charges will be extra as per Tally Implementation partner.

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