Tally Add-on ( Tally Shop )

Tally Addon is Ready made solution, which will help to increase business productivity and security control in tally. You can buy tally add-ons online using Tally Shop. we are offering below some of the ready avaialble addons in tally.

 Voucher Type Security  Ledger Security
 Group Security  Cost Centre Security
 Godown Security  CEO Dash Board
 Auto Manual Voucher Numbering  Recycle Bin
 User Wise Current Date Entries  Sync master from Server to Client Without transactions
 Automatic Indent generation based on Re Order Level  Dead Stock Identification Module
 Masters Import Tool  Vouchers Import Tool
 Address Label Generation  Barcode Label generation
 Sales vs Receipt Module  Stock Item Purchase and Sales History
 Negative Stock Control  System Configuration save Module
 User wise Print Control  Critical Stock items Control
 L.R. Details Updating Module  Stock Item Physical location identification
 Stock item fastrack info module  Duplicate Supplier invoice number control
 Cost Centre wise balance sheet  Sales order to purchase order auto posting
 Terms and condition template for invoices and orders  Voucher Approval Module
 Cost Centre wise profit and loss  Unwanted ledgers deletion
 Document management like pdf and images  System date as voucher date
 Quotation management  Grid Lines in Reports
 Group Bills Approval  Purchase Flow control
 Sales Flow Control  Master Modification tracking
 Advance Credit Limit Control  Expenses in Cash/funds flow statement
 Last Sales and Purchase price of stock item  Multiple price list for single stock for multiple suppliers
 Party Selection in cash bill  Voucher alteration using voucher number
 Purchase Order Vs Receipt Note Vs Purchase Vs Debit Note Vs Payment  Sales Order Vs Delivery Note Vs Sales Vs Credit Note Vs Receipt