Tally Virtual User- TVU

Tally Virtual User (TVU) pack is an instance of accessing Tally. ERP 9 over a virtualised environment through tools like Windows RDP, Windows thin Client, Citrix, or similar technologies. In simple terms, if you use Windows RDP or similar technologies to access Tally.

If you are using Windows RDP or similar technology to access Tally, you will require a license having Tally Virtual User entitlement.

TVU License validity will be one year & you need to renew the same licence every year.TVU will be billed annually.

License upgrade from Tally.ERP9 to Tally Virtual User ( TVU )

Steps for TVU

  • If you have multiple licenses and wants to use the Tally Virtual User pack, you have an option to upgrade your premise-based licenses to the Tally Virtual User pack.
  • Following are the entitlements for TE9 Silver and Gold licenses respectively
  • A Tally.ERP 9 Silver can be upgraded to One TVU pack for a Twelve month period