TallyPrime integration

TallyPrime Integration

TallyPrime Integration supports with 3rd party softwares written in.net, java, PHP, SQL, Web, Mobile applications to send or receive data from tallyprime using json and xml formats. Integration with Tally helps to Extract Data from Tally Database and update the records in third party databases.Tally supports SQL Queries to read required table data from tally.

Tally platform has capabilities like amazon to tally integration and flipkart for orders, receipts and return items details directly using apis of e-commerce portals. Tally can imports data from SQL, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and any other customized ERP and CRM Softwares. Integration with Tally allows two-way data transfer, which means pulling data out from Tally database or pushing data to Tally is as easy as it could ever get. Tally allows integration between applications/databases in two modes.

New Access Technologies Provides integration solutions for Myclassboard to Tally, MCB to Tally, Lyceum to Tally, IOLITE to Tally, MasterSoft School ERP to Tally, Eduxpert to Tally, Adstock Global to Tally and OptiPro to Tally, Edunext to Tally Integration services for all schools, colleges and universities for fee collection, Fee Demand entries into Tally.ERP 9 from respective softwares.

TallyPrime has been designed to provide the extensive integration capabilities which enable businesses to build cross-platform solutions without compromising data integrity and reliability. Thus, empowering business to seamlessly interact with multiple applications or software systems. Whatsapp tally integration send transactions alerts and notifications to customers as Text Message with attachment from tally.

Integrating Salesforce with Tally helps to import customers, orders and other shippment details directly into tally using RestAPIs. Tally to tally data import option helps to create same chart of accounts of one company to another company. Xml to tally import option supports ledgers, stock items and vouchers xml data into tally. Tally data export and import option makes data available in excel and xml formats.

TallyPrime to Microsoft Power BI Connector

Tally to Power BI Connector primary task is to get linked with Tally, extract and arrange the data to visualize the data using Reports, charts and KPIs. Tally Data can be refreshed based on parameters values. We offer Connect Tally to Power BI in two different modes. one is online tally data to Power BI Connect and another offline model using local tally data. Power BI connector makes query window to get data from tally and display sales, purchase, payments, receipts, journal, trial balance records.

TallyPrime Web API

  • Tally ODBC Interface (Read Only)
  • Tally XML Interface (Read and Write)
  • Tally JSON Interface (Read and Write)

TallyPrime Online Mode

  • Tally to Tally using Synchronisation
  • Tally to Web Service using HTTP Interface
  • Tally to External Application and vice versa using the Interfaces Available
  • Tally to External Applications using Export
  • Data from External Application in XML using Import
  • Data from External Application in JSON format
  • woocommerce tally integration for shoping cart
  • tally Ecommerce integration
  • tally integration with salesforce
  • tally integration with excel
  • tally api documentation
Advantages of TallyPrime integration
  • Realtime Consolidation of Data From multiple systems
  • Reduce manual Data entry mistakes & Increase productivity
  • No Matter What software you use, Import Data and generate reports from Tally itself.
  • Integrate Dealer Management Software with Tallyusing customized tools for importing and storing data associated with Tally transaction
TallyPrime Integration with PHP
  • Now send API Request with Header for Tokens
  • It Supports Json Response with XML Request
  • Request can passed as Query Parameters
  • Compressed json file Export