Fixed assets accounting and management software in Tally

Fixed Assets Module in Tally will replace these excel based asset information spread-sheets by Tally.ERP9 based integrated system which captures the fixed asset related prevailing business process data in Tally.ERP9 database and generates all the required fixed asset reports as per Government statutory and managerial requirements directed to fulfil the requirement of the auditors, accounting standards and managerial needs in business practice and scenario on real time basis.

Fixed Assets software has been developed as Tally.ERP9 add-on and works seamlessly with Tally.ERP9 as extended ERP functionality and completely integrated and interlinked with inventory, accounting and payroll modules of Tally.ERP9.

Fixed Assets in Tally.ERP 9 Track, Manage and comply fixed assets across multi-company, multi-location and multi branch with our fixed assets register, that's ready to use in Tally.ERP9.

New Access Technologies offers comprehensive fixed asset related solution in Tally.ERP9 for organizations to have complete control and transparency of their assets. fixed asset register in tally helps to evaluate the exact asset count, identify asset location and how these assets change over time. Also, companies can track details of each fixed asset, thus preventing the misusage of assets.

Fixed Assets Entry in Tally gst will allow input and output tax liabilities in summary reports. Organizations can maintains vehicles as fixed assets like car purchase entry in tally gst. Below 1 year lifetime assets also can be treated as fixed assets. For example mobile purchase entry in tally.

Fixed Assets Sale Entry in tally will post Profit & Loss account.fixed asset entry in tally erp 9 makes accounts people life more easy.fixed assets auditing can be done using assets physical verification.

Fixed assets in tally increases visibility into various actions, such as transferring assets, adding or disposing of assets, tracking depreciation and managing inventory. Assets Rental management in tally helps to track rental information and rental returns pending assets. Fixed Assets software for small business helps to audit rental assets or lease assets with complete tracking details in fixed assets register in tally.

Difference between inventory and fixed-assets

Fixed Asset Purchase Entry in tally can done using journal voucher with inventory details. fixed asset register software helps to get complete informatioon of assets in company.

Fixed assets are the assets, which are responsible to generate revenue for business. They are the assets which are owned by the company like plant and equipment and are reported in the balance sheet as non-current assets under the headings, property, plant and machinery. Fixed assets are recorded at their net book value, that is, the original cost, minus accumulated depreciation and impairment charges.

Fixed Assets Management Module Features

Asset Lifecyle Management

  • Asset purchase through manual or through bulk import from MS-Excel
  • Asset Management(addition, dispose and maintenance etc..)
  • User and location assignment
  • Department wise Expenses Booking
  • Asset componentization
  • Asset split
  • Asset Movement(Transfer in/out)
  • Asset Document Management
  • Asset closing Balance and re-Valuation
  • Asset orders management
  • Monthly, Yearly Depreciation auto posting
  • Asset Sales with Profit & Loss Effect

Asset Tracking and Reconciliation

  • UNIQUE ID generation and tagged to assets
  • Printing barcodes for assets
  • Physical verification using excel import or manula entry
  • Reconciliation

Statutory Compliance

  • INCOME Tax Act and New Companies Act 2013
  • Generation of all statutory related reports such as FAR
  • Multiple Financial Year
  • Asset Revaluation

Capital Work In-Progress

  • Add Cost to Assets
  • Asset Capitalization
  • Put to Use dates

Asset Administration

  • Expiry, Warranty, Lease and AMC
  • Asset useful life change
  • Manual Depreciation Rates

MIS Reports

  • Asset Purchase Report
  • Fixed Assets Register
  • Location, User, Category wise tracking of all assets
  • Complete Depreciation Chart as per IT Act and Companies Act
  • Assets Warranty and Insurance Expiry
  • Transfer and Disposal Reports
  • Asset Sale Report
  • Physical verification Reports


Price Details

Note : Set up, Training and installation charges will be extra as per Tally Implementation partner.

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