Tally.ERP 9 integration

Tally Integration

Tally integration with java application can be done using API Model. Tally can be server/client application to send/receive data from java applications using json/xml data exchange format.Tally Supports tally amazon integration for Orders, Invoices, returns data import from online portal. tally sms integration helps to send transaction related information to customers. Zoho tally integration app will help you to export and Import Data between two applications.

Tally helps to send and receive data in json and xml formats to externla applications. for example if we take amazon and flipkart, we can download amazon and flipkart orders, receipts and return items details directly using apis of e-commerce portals. OpenERP odoo to tally makes web application data read and write using apis.Tally can read/write data from SQL, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and any other customized ERP and CRM Softwares.

New Access Technologies Provides Myclassboard to Tally, Lyceum to Tally, IOLITE to Tally, MasterSoft School ERP to Tally, Eduxpert to Tally, Adstock Global to Tally and OptiPro to Tally, Edunext to Tally Integration services for all schools, colleges and universities for fee collection , fee demand entries into Tally.ERP 9 from respective softwares.

WhatsApp can be integrated with tally to send transactions alerts and notifications to customers as Text Message with attachment.

How to Implement Tally Integration

Tally Integration can done in multiple ways. First thing, we need to choose mode of tally integration whether it is online or offline. if you are going to use online model, then we need to write tdl code to interact with api of another software. From Tally we can send request in XML or JSON format to fetch data or to post data. In offline mode, we can import Excel, XML and JSON files directly into tally.

Tally Interfaces – For Integration

  • Tally ODBC Interface (Read Only)
  • Tally XML Interface (Read and Write)
  • Tally JSON Interface (Read and Write)

Tally Integration Capabilities

  • Tally to Tally using Synchronisation
  • Tally to Web Service using HTTP Interface
  • Tally to External Application and vice versa using the Interfaces Available
  • Tally to External Applications using Export
  • Data from External Application in XML using Import
  • Data from External Application in JSON format
  • woocommerce tally integration for shoping cart
  • tally Ecommerce integration
  • tally integration with salesforce
  • tally integration with excel
  • tally api documentation
Advantages of Tally Integration
  • Realtime Consolidation of Data From multiple systems
  • Reduce manual Data entry mistakes & Increase productivity
  • No Matter What software you use, Import Data and generate reports from Tally itself.
  • Integrate DMS with Tally ERP using customized tools for importing and storing data associated with Tally transaction
What's New Features of Tally Integration
  • Now send API Request with Header for Tokens
  • It Supports Json Response with XML Request
  • Request can passed as Query Parameters
  • Compressed json file Export