Tally.ERP 9 integration

What is Tally Integration ?

New Access Technologies's Tally Integration helps other Softwares can be integrated with tally using XML, Json, excel, sql in online or offline mode.Tally.ERP 9 Supports Data Exchange using xml and json. Tally integration connects Sql, Oracle Databases using ODBC Drivers. Tally ERP 9 can be tightly integrated to the world leading ECommerce platform Magento. Data can flow both ways & in real time, simplifying the entire operations of any eBusiness. Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal online ecommerce portals sales invoice, debit notes, credit notes, receipts will be imported using tally integration.

Integrate Tally with your existing application in .net, Java, php in online, realtime mode or in batch method. Exchange datas, Masters, Transactions & have a seamless workflow between both the systems.Tally Integration makes your Retail Outlets Software(POS), Dealer Management Systems (DMS) connected with Back office software.you can get the best in industry Tally ERP9 integration and Tally ECommerce integration in minutes at reasonable price. you can generate fully automated customizable reports with minimized efforts.

tally integration api will help to send and receive data in json format to communicate with externla applications. for example if we take amazon tally integration, we can download amazon orders, receipts and return items details directly using apis of amazon.OpenERP integration tool odoo tally integration makes web application data read and write using apis.

whatsapp integration with tally makes users to send transactions alerts and notifications to customers WhatsApp Number with detailed information about transactions.

How to Implement Tally Integration

Tally Integration can done in multiple ways. First thing, we need to choose mode of tally integration whether it is online or offline. if you are going to use online model, then we need to write tdl code to interact with api of another software. From Tally we can send request in XML or JSON format to fetch data or to post data. In offline mode, we can import Excel, XML and JSON files directly into tally.

Tally Interfaces – For Integration

Tally Integration Capabilities

Advantages of Tally Integration