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Welcome to New Access Technologies, your #1 choice for Tally Integration Services in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Visakhaptnam, Mysore, Kolkata, GandhiNagar, Coimbatore, Gurgaon. Elevate your business efficiency by connecting Tally with your everyday applications, ensuring a smooth flow of data using our cutting-edge integration solutions.

Why Tally Integration?

Tally Integration Services by New Access Technologies

  1. API Expertise: Leverage Tally's versatile API options for integration with 3rd Party applications. Our team excels in integrating Tally with software written in .net, Java, PHP, SQL, and more, ensuring a seamless flow of data in JSON and XML formats.
  2. Extensive Integration Support: We are the go-to Tally Integration Provider for various integrations, including Zoho CRM, Salesforce, QuickBooks, and Dealer Management Systems (DMS) for secondary sales data.
  3. Data Extraction and Update: Tally API empowers us to extract data from Tally Database and update records in third-party databases, facilitating efficient data management.
  4. E-commerce Integration: Tally effortlessly fetches data from Amazon and Flipkart orders, receipts, and return items using APIs, streamlining your e-commerce operations.
  5. School Management Integration: Our Tally JSON Integration with school management software automates fee collection and Fee Demand entries, ensuring accurate financial records.
  6. Tally Whatsapp Integration: Enhance customer communication by sending transaction alerts and notifications via text messages with attachments.
  7. Salesforce Integration: Seamlessly import customer details, orders, and shipment details directly into Tally using RestAPIs.
  8. Power BI Connector: Unlock the potential of Tally to Power BI Connector for visualizing data through reports, charts, and KPIs, both online and offline.

Tally Integration Options

Advantages of TallyPrime Integration

Transform your business with the power of Tally Integration. No matter what software you use, import data and generate reports seamlessly. Partner with New Access Technologies for unparalleled integration solutions, reducing mistakes, increasing productivity, and ensuring the real-time flow of data across multiple systems.