GSTR-2A Reconciliation in TallyPrime

New Access Technologies offers the most powerful and Advanced GSTR-2A Reconciliation in TallyPrime that comes packed with 5X faster GST reconciliation and intelligence to auto-identify, match entries and assure 100% ITC claim.

GSTR-2B Reconciliation in TallyPrime primarily involves matching the data uploaded by the suppliers with those of the recipient’s purchase data. This basically includes comparing the GSTR-2A auto-populated from suppliers data and the purchase data recorded by the receiver of the supplies. This matching concept also ensures that all the transactions which took place in a particular period have been recorded.

GSTR-2A is an auto-generated read only document which is for information purpose only. GSTR-2B is a new static month-wise auto-drafted statement for regular taxpayers (whether or not opted into the QRMP scheme) introduced on the GST portal. The statement was launched from the August 2020 tax period onwards.

GSTR-2B provides eligible and ineligible Input Tax Credit (ITC) for each month, similar to GSTR-2A but remains constant or unchanged for a period. In other words, whenever a GSTR-2B for a month is accessed on the GST portal, the data in it remains the same without being changed for subsequent changes by their suppliers in later months.

Benefits of GST Reconciliation in Tally

The data in GSTR-2B Reconciliation Report in Tally is reported in a manner that allows taxpayers to conveniently reconcile ITC with their own books of accounts and records. It will help them in easier identification of documents to ensure the following:

How to do GST Reconciliation in TallyPrime

Follow these steps for reconciliation in tally using Live GST Reconciliation Module